A Craftsman’s Perspective

Tucked away from the glamour of the jewellery industry are goldsmiths. We are not often found on the front line of the jewellery buying experience, but instead behind the scenes, designing and crafting the work to be worn on special occasions.


On Craftsmanship

While it may appear obvious to some, the truth is, not all jewellery is created equal. Craftsmanship has been gradually replaced by mass production processes, resulting in products that while cheaper, are marked by compromises in quality. Much of this jewellery is characterized by a lack of execution of the fine details in the pursuit of general appeal. This is especially apparent on the internet. Many online retailers take the easy route of sourcing the same low cost, low quality cast jewelry from mass manufacturers overseas, in order to entice the buyer to ‘complete’ a transaction.

At NÉWA Goldsmith, we believe jewellery with a fully resolved elegance is still produced through traditional handmade techniques and its many intricacies. It’s the dedication to this time-honored approach that sustains the workshop and impassions us to communicate the beauty of jewellery from the perspective of its maker.


From classical to contemporary to modernist, the work from our studio has spanned the gamut of design possibilities. Click to see our portfolio of custom made jewelry.

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Fine jewelry should last. It starts with a well crafted piece of jewelry and extends to expert maintenance.