How the Custom Jewelry Process Works

Designed and Crafted For You

Custom made jewelry is a collaborative process. We listen to your ideas and lend our artisanal experience and design sensibilities to translate ideas into a modern or classical form that best suits you.
1 Consultation
2 Design Conception
3 Quotation
4 Handcrafted to Go
5 Taking Delivery

01 Consultation

Your Ideas

We’ll go over a range of topics like gemstone cut, color, and clarity; your desires and design preferences; and ring styles and shapes. We’ll explore how such options relate to and help make decisions in apportioning your budget


Photos really help. They give us a sense of your personality, preferences, and tastes in establishing a direction for conceptualizing ideas to fit your lifestyle. Need some inspiration? You can also take a look at a selection of our work or our catalogs.


Choose from our palette of precious metal alloys and finishes for an additional layer of customization. For rings, try on and experience the effect different ring shank profiles, shapes, widths and depths can have on comfort.

Rough Cost

By this point, we’ll be ready to give you a rough idea of what it might cost so you can decide if custom made jewelry is right for you.


02 Design Conception


Based on information gathered from the consultative meetings, we will distill the ideas into two sketches. We’ll discuss changes and make revisions to the sketches as needed to capture that idea from your mind’s eye.


Together, we’ll narrow down the characteristics important to you in a gemstone – whether it be a diamond, sapphire, ruby, or tourmaline, among others.


03 Quotation

After the selection of your design, materials, finishes, and your preferred diamond or colored gemstone grades, we will respond within 24 hours with a quote.

A deposit will be collected should you choose to proceed.


Stone Viewing


Today’s overreliance on the diamond certificate in making purchasing decisions can lead to false perceptions of value. At this step, experience why you should evaluate a diamond or gemstone on beauty, not solely on a spec sheet. Discover how to best achieve a balance of these characteristics within the bounds of your budget.


Here’s where customers experience the importance of viewing their chosen diamond. See how cut, proportions, faceting, and polish, together with the 4 C’s color one’s perception of a diamond apart from what’s stated on the certification.

Why should you visually compare diamonds? Discover more >





04 Handcrafted to Order


Each piece takes 2 to 5 weeks to complete. Our master goldsmiths work actively during that time to harmonize aesthetics, comfort, and structural integrity.


We’ll send you key updates, sharing photos of your jewelry during the hand fabrication process.


05 Taking Delivery

From Ideas to Reality

The last step, but also the most impactful. Ideas and images that emerged during the initial stages are shaped into form as the engagement ring, wedding band, or commemorative gift to a loved one, symbolic of your journey toward this emotional milestone.



At this meeting, your ring will go through a final inspection before it’s signed for and handed off to you.


Free Worldwide Delivery

If you can’t make it to our studio in person, that’s okay. We’ll take care and attention to package your custom made jewelry for delivery worldwide — Shipping is on us.