Jewelry Services


Over time a gemstone’s polish will inevitably cloud with a buildup of grime. Daily wear and exposure to pollution will mar the once radiant finish of jewelry, leaving behind a weathered patina. Knocks against a table top can result in a chipped diamond, damage a clasp, or cause a weak link in a chain to fail. Your most treasured pieces deserve your care and attention.

By entrusting them to NÉWA Goldsmith, you can keep your most cherished jewelry looking at its best for years to come.

Jewelry Restoration and Repairs

Rediscover the Beauty

Our restoration and repair service allows an extremely worn or damaged, yet beloved piece of jewelry to rediscover its original beauty. The amount of work involved in jewelry restorations is varied with no two jobs exactly alike.

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The Showroom Finish

Refinishing restores the surface of your jewelry to its original showroom finish without altering its shape. By sanding in stages with progressively finer abrasives, thin layers of metal are removed; the deeper scratches disappear. The jewelry is then polished to a mirror finish.

Rhodium, a precious metal from the platinum family is often applied to enhance the color of white gold jewelry. To ensure proper adhesion, any remaining layer of rhodium is stripped before a new one is deposited on the surface.


A Perfect Fit

Sizing involves increasing or decreasing the size of a ring, necklace, or bracelet. This is a delicate process particularly if stones are already in place, requiring precision.

For most rings, our goldsmiths open up the ring shank using a jeweler’s saw. A sliver of metal is added to size up a ring or removed to size it down. The opening is soldered back together, the seams filed smooth, and buffed to a high polish.

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Restoring the Lustre

Polishing restores the shine to your jewelry that has been dulled by everyday wear. This service is not offered for gold or rhodium plated jewelry. Our refinishing service would be your best choice to remove the deeper scratches from your well-worn pieces.